ClassicSim Home Made Motion Flight Simulator

Building a Motion Flight Simulator

x-plane 10 picture

X-Plane 10: Ultra-Realistic Flight Simulation

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DIY Motion Software

galil motion controller picture

Galil Motion Controller: DMC-2133

  • 3 Axis Control for a 3 DOF platform
  • Ethernet Connectivity for high speed, bidirectional communication
  • Highly configurable
  • Easy programming language
  • Converts the motion cues to +/- voltage for hydraulics
  • Relays the platform position back to the motion software
  • - more info
arduino mega interface device image

Arduino Mega Interface Device and Software

simplugins interface software picture

simPlugins PanelBuilder Instrument Simulation

  • Flight Instruments on a second computer
  • X-plane and PanelBuilder work out of the box
  • Highly configurable instruments and marking
  • Can be run on sim computer or over a network
  • simPlugins PanelBuilder - more info
parker hydraulics picture

Parker Hydraulics

d3fh parker hydraulic vavle picture